Cashew Shrimp

I've just been in the best mood all day! Must have been that night out P and I shared a few nights ago catching up to me. I know now that I don't have to be captive to my SAD, and that we CAN leave the house and bike around in the night, rain or no, daylight or bust! YES WE CAN beat SAD! YES WE CAN! We went to Powells and sold some books, P bought one, and we went to 10-01 for a drink and saw Kelly (WHATUP KELLY!!! Thanks for the excellent service and mixological mastery!). We biked home in the rain and it felt just fine! YES WE CAN!!! Also, is everybody subscribed to bro's website yet? Humor abound! Look, seriously, it can take some time to really gain your web voice and figure out what exactly you want to do on one of these crap shoots. Sometimes I'll go back through my archives and see stuff that didn't really sound like myself, or stuff that didn't really fit the tone of my site. Whatever though! WHO CARES? All I know is that I got a 3 year subscription to Harpers! And a one year subscription to Thrasher!! F YEAH!

Maybe I'll get some new pictures one of these days, but don't hold your breath. NO WE CAN'T!!!

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Scort Vee said...

Glad your feeling up dude!