Bomb Graffiti, bro; man room stills also

So on my way to the falls, there was this one stretch, through a tunnel, no shoulder, no sidewalk, maybe 100 yards or so, where I just had to book it and pray no one launched into me. It was sketchy. Coming out of the tunnel, winded, I saw a sidewalk on the right that was descending along the wall of the tunnel down to ground level. So I missed the pedestrian walk the first time. I stepped up onto the sidewalk, quickly, while garbage trucks and crotch rockets screamed out of the tunnel. I went and biked and saw the falls and took some of the finest pictures in the world and ate some trail mix, then started back toward the route that I found on the internet that largely kept me out of death scenarios with it's directions. I took the sidewalk over the tunnel, and it went into this sketchy pedestrian/loitering area where I half expected to see some kids shooting up or something. Didn't see that, just this:

Then, after I take that picture and laugh to myself, I turn the corner and this beauty is there:

And with that, the trip was worth it.

That's sterling.

Sliced cork, my rad cell phone that I want to smash so I could only communicate by email, a nice manhattan, and the previous night's dried out wine.

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Kea said...

the sliced cork looks like tiny coasters.