past my bedtime, both

cheap exploitation

We went to a "pimps and hoes" party in Coos Bay on New Years. It was at the other bar, the one we weren't posted up at. Chris and I walked over there to retrieve someone or something. It was more the Coos Bay that I was expecting but didn't otherwise get.

This fine gray day

apple with peanut butter. mmmmm. Been a while since that snack.

high tension

We've been having poker games on Saturday nights. This one was huge.

The pot was getting aggressive.

Four of a kind! Holy smokes.

Didn't have four of a kind.


Bomb Graffiti, bro; man room stills also

So on my way to the falls, there was this one stretch, through a tunnel, no shoulder, no sidewalk, maybe 100 yards or so, where I just had to book it and pray no one launched into me. It was sketchy. Coming out of the tunnel, winded, I saw a sidewalk on the right that was descending along the wall of the tunnel down to ground level. So I missed the pedestrian walk the first time. I stepped up onto the sidewalk, quickly, while garbage trucks and crotch rockets screamed out of the tunnel. I went and biked and saw the falls and took some of the finest pictures in the world and ate some trail mix, then started back toward the route that I found on the internet that largely kept me out of death scenarios with it's directions. I took the sidewalk over the tunnel, and it went into this sketchy pedestrian/loitering area where I half expected to see some kids shooting up or something. Didn't see that, just this:

Then, after I take that picture and laugh to myself, I turn the corner and this beauty is there:

And with that, the trip was worth it.

That's sterling.

Sliced cork, my rad cell phone that I want to smash so I could only communicate by email, a nice manhattan, and the previous night's dried out wine.



Coos bay

Diamonds in the sky



It was a pretty fun day. The bike ride was really long but I stopped a lot so my legs and bum didn't totally die, I got a few decent pictures (eh, debatable) and tons of sun and fresh air. Plus I got to ride the Oregon City Municipal Elevator, which was blast from the past-y. Sure feels like spring, huh? Oh, plus I found some hilarious graffiti, which I'll post probably tomorrow. Shoot, I might get these graffities tattooed on my neck they're so tight.

Saturday Power Session

Look at where that tree is growing!

Oregon City, hell of a city

Oregon Falls


Oregon City, January 2010

So I took a 35 mile bike ride to Oregon City. It was tight but Jake was too tired to come so that was a bummer. Picture trips are the bomb! Partners in crime are essential! C'mon Jake! I think this is the Willamette River, one of Oregon's best, I think.

nice wife

the cliffs

back in time by a little bit

New Years Day, 2010.



Just did this and boy are my legs tired! SUCK IT SAD, I'M OWNING YOU. Hopefully some good pics coming from the trip. I made it all the way to Oregon City Falls!


nice bride

there is a cd stuck in the drive on this old macintosh computer that p donated to me, and that's kind of a drag, but then I looked at it and there was this bong picture:

not sure if this one made it to the web right now but I'm watching this intense overtime game blazers in boston and I had to do something! OMFG!!!!!!!! I'll update you whether they win or lose.

Have a great weekend!

[UPDATE] ah nutterbutter.

Cashew Shrimp

I've just been in the best mood all day! Must have been that night out P and I shared a few nights ago catching up to me. I know now that I don't have to be captive to my SAD, and that we CAN leave the house and bike around in the night, rain or no, daylight or bust! YES WE CAN beat SAD! YES WE CAN! We went to Powells and sold some books, P bought one, and we went to 10-01 for a drink and saw Kelly (WHATUP KELLY!!! Thanks for the excellent service and mixological mastery!). We biked home in the rain and it felt just fine! YES WE CAN!!! Also, is everybody subscribed to bro's website yet? Humor abound! Look, seriously, it can take some time to really gain your web voice and figure out what exactly you want to do on one of these crap shoots. Sometimes I'll go back through my archives and see stuff that didn't really sound like myself, or stuff that didn't really fit the tone of my site. Whatever though! WHO CARES? All I know is that I got a 3 year subscription to Harpers! And a one year subscription to Thrasher!! F YEAH!

Maybe I'll get some new pictures one of these days, but don't hold your breath. NO WE CAN'T!!!


look here

They're building this cool house in our neighborhood. Nice one, risk takers! P says "good place to go to a party, but I would not like to live there." Or something of that nature.