what a fun surprise!

M night time shamalamadingdong

Mr Dr. Rob Met nick, a good friend and a very good man.

Man room update: now with christmas festivity!

I took this picture, then I was like, uuuhhhhhh, I'm just pointing the camera basically right at this person's window and taking pictures. SKETCH MCGETCH!

Oh man, if you didn't see, Pryzbilla totally Oden'd his knee, (inside out knee cap aka broken patella), but the diagnosis is Pryz has ligament damage, so that's even worse than Oden's injury. Is that what microfracture surgery is for? Oh man, I hope he can recover! Major bummer! At least they beat the Ugly Mavs for the big fella, pt. 2 this year. The Mavs: the most ugly/infuriating team! Too bad it took a season ender for the vanilla gorilla! Man, P dog is watching sex rehab with dr. drew and it's seriously distracting!

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