Hey Everybody! happy 2010 when that comes around!

I'm going to Coos Bay, and I'm not sure if there is any internet in that far out-post.



Somebody got ahold of my camera and was taking pictures.

Eventually I get like this.



wish list

It's my birthday soon. Hint-- I was born on the same day as every year since they've been keeping track. January 1st! Wish list:

Who wants to go to coos bay!?

Oh man, it began snowing this afternoon, right in time for rush hour. I don't ride no knobby tires, so you know I was hoofing it to the bus stop. I was on the bus for about 45 minutes and we went about 7 blocks, so I was like, whateva, all the crack heads on this bus with their laughing and makeup applying and loud cell phone conversations were driving me nuts, I like walking in the snow, let's do this! I'm swallowing that $2. So I stopped for some pizza to get my strength up and I thought about getting a beer to go, but I wanted full capacity. So I biked for a little bit down side streets, but then I got into the city center with the icy cold streets and lots of traffic and no acceptable side streets so I just started walking. I walked a long ways-- there would be no real good side streets for trying to bike the rest of the way. The Max train was backed up and packed, the buses were all foggy, and the drivers were impatient and really acting against everyone's self interests. I love how people lose their minds when it snows. There was a pickup peeling out major on the Burnside Bridge, and all these passers-by were trying to help the truck get going. Only they were pulling up on the truck and pushing, rather than trying to weigh it down to initiate the friction. HELLO! It's not stuck in a snow drift! One kid who was right in front of me jumped over to help push, and all I saw was the right rear wheel spinning feverishly and spraying, just pouring street scuz up onto the poor fellow's pants. It was launching all this disgusting matter right into his whole lower half. bummer.


Preliminary project

These could be excecuted about 50x better, but I think there's something here. I'd need a heavy duty spot light and a serious snoot to do what I visualize, but these represent the basic geometry of what I'd want to do.

Maybe in 2010!

Also, I'll prank phone call you if you steal my idea and excecute it the way I want to.







what a fun surprise!

M night time shamalamadingdong

Mr Dr. Rob Met nick, a good friend and a very good man.

Man room update: now with christmas festivity!

I took this picture, then I was like, uuuhhhhhh, I'm just pointing the camera basically right at this person's window and taking pictures. SKETCH MCGETCH!

Oh man, if you didn't see, Pryzbilla totally Oden'd his knee, (inside out knee cap aka broken patella), but the diagnosis is Pryz has ligament damage, so that's even worse than Oden's injury. Is that what microfracture surgery is for? Oh man, I hope he can recover! Major bummer! At least they beat the Ugly Mavs for the big fella, pt. 2 this year. The Mavs: the most ugly/infuriating team! Too bad it took a season ender for the vanilla gorilla! Man, P dog is watching sex rehab with dr. drew and it's seriously distracting!

NW Skyline

it's a heck of a line

Family Ties

Coupla decent shots of NC men.

Dinner mmmm

Place setting shot

E'rebody sitting there

Food coma!


warning: math jokes

math and aftermath.

Dinner party

I'm surprised P dogg jumped into that Blazers hoodie and that she didn't have some haute jacket or something to cover up with. It was a classy ass party!


big time shots from around the house

This is our christmas tree. It's pretty tight. I just noticed that our christmas tree is on a plate! That's pretty funny.


Chicago looks great!

wedding party

The cake was based on the brides back tattoo, which is partially visible here. It's a Chandellier with skulls on it, which is pretty tough.
Mingling, with a subconscious V.

Dale and her new step-mom and my new step mom in law. I have step-in-laws!