nice eyes guy

I did some market research participation. They needed people to take part in this computer simulation and record your eye movements and stuff. The ad said they'd give you 50$ to do it, and I love 50$, so I went in. It was at Freddies Corporate headquarters, which is a sad place. They got bought out by Kruger after this campus was built, and all those jobs are now in Cincinnati. The campus was huge and I envisioned many empty desks, and quietness. Like a zombie movie. Redundancy I guess. So that was one weird part. Plus-- Grocers? I used to be a grocery store employee and I always felt bad for the lifers. It is terrible, demeaning work. I can only guess their corporate desk jockey jobs are just as bad. Anyhow, I did the thing, this guy who was running the test didn't seem like the brightest bulb, and the payment wasn't even cash. It was a 50$ Freds gift card. HOW CAN I BUY BEER WITH THIS? Oh wait...

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