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New pix on tha wall. Some from the Oresund in Norway [or Denmark or wherever we were! ha ha ha Thanks Sondre]. I used document frames, with the clear glass backing, but our walls are beige and so it looks weird. I think a teal or white is a neccessary wall color. I'm just going to get some white paper or board and put that behind there. Fracking beige. Is that the color that I spelled there? man that's weird.

We're off to NC for David Sr.s wedding party and Thanksgiving. Back in like 8 days or so. Big fun, big fun!

house shots

My busted ass shoes.

My finest coats


final of this roll

It's sort of rad having just 10 frames per roll of film, but it's kind of limiting also, and way too quick in some ways.

NC bound

does anyone want me to bring them back a carton of cigs? They're pretty cheap over there.

Bad luck

Quick Stop developed my color film in black and white chemistry, which surprisingly doesn't destroy it outright (see above examples). Then a few weeks ago, it took U Develop like 3 weeks to get these prints to me after they said it'd take like 5 days. So these services are really not on a hot streak right now.

Silver Falls

where you can't take the dog on the trails. Bah humbug!

Forest Park

really fun hiking in there


oh fudge

guess what you have to google to get this picture... I'll give you a hint. You have to google "best dog." "Dog Sphere" would be more appropriate.

now the mamiya is really working

turns out you just have to use it and it works.
Jeesus these are great. Thanks Jake! How do you ensure the film is wound tightly?
Will there be black lite? Because my dandruf is NOT under control


we did do a nice "what are you thankful for" circle, and that was basically as good as crowd surfing, if a bit more thoughtful.


wow cool website

if homeschool were online and much bigger, it'd be like 20x200. Very awesome.


Liquid idiot


Rasheed smokes weed

Sheed is looking like a straight street person. love this dude. (not KG)


from wsj.com :


Dan Chaon writes a first draft on color-coded note cards he buys at Office Max. Ideas for his books come to him as images and phrases rather than plots, characters or settings, he says. He begins by jotting down imagery, with no back story in mind. He keeps turning the images over in his mind until characters and themes emerge.

His most recent novel, "Await Your Reply," which has three interlocking narratives about identity theft, started out as scattered pictures of a lighthouse on a prairie, a car driving into the arctic tundra under a midnight sun and a boy and his father driving to the hospital at night with the boy's severed hand, resting on ice. He described each scene on a card, then began fleshing out the plotlines, alternating among blue, pink and green cards when he moved between narratives.

During the early stages of writing, he carries a pocketful of cards with him wherever he goes; as they accumulate, he stores them in a card catalogue that he bought at a library sale. It often takes two years before something resembling a novel takes shape. He eventually transcribes the cards onto the computer and writes furiously from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.

"I used to think my average as a short story writer was one completed story out of every 20," says Mr. Chaon, who adds that his average has improved as he's gained experience . "I have at least two novels that I think are dead—maybe three if the thing I'm working on right now sputters to a stop."

fake gambling

nice eyes guy

I did some market research participation. They needed people to take part in this computer simulation and record your eye movements and stuff. The ad said they'd give you 50$ to do it, and I love 50$, so I went in. It was at Freddies Corporate headquarters, which is a sad place. They got bought out by Kruger after this campus was built, and all those jobs are now in Cincinnati. The campus was huge and I envisioned many empty desks, and quietness. Like a zombie movie. Redundancy I guess. So that was one weird part. Plus-- Grocers? I used to be a grocery store employee and I always felt bad for the lifers. It is terrible, demeaning work. I can only guess their corporate desk jockey jobs are just as bad. Anyhow, I did the thing, this guy who was running the test didn't seem like the brightest bulb, and the payment wasn't even cash. It was a 50$ Freds gift card. HOW CAN I BUY BEER WITH THIS? Oh wait...



Pale was siiiiiiick


Cyclist and paint.

Autumn at the DP


definitely autumn.

For a few days I was on a bath taking spree, which is fun if you're trying to relax a lot or there's nothing on tv or you have a good book or you're really cold or you're really dry.

Crisp and I are bong painters

czech it