Put on the man who sold the world and really vibe out. It's man night!

This is the sickest building over in Copenhagen, and it really makes me homesick for somewhere I've basically never been: it's a tower that is made of the braided tails of alligators. Wow. They have the best architecture over there.

Danish Bike posse. As I said earlier, Sondre and Danielle were off the hook hosts.

Thanks guys. Then in Amsterdam, if you buy duct tape (required for both cameras I took, yet I didn't take any), it's called "super tape." Super tape? Super balanced maybe?

I had really no hope for the B&W I shot for our honeymoon, seeing as how the color shots came out totally shot to hell. But good lord! I'm looking at this roll right now and it's vintage goodness! Stay tuned. There are some even bonger shots than these, and these five really were hit out of the park. Maybe one of them (not saying which mind you) is an inside the park home run, but what's not exciting about that?

Also, a little html humor for you (what about that isn't funny?), but every time I close the style tag, so basically, my html code has a little bit that says 'style = "" '. Just quotes with nothing in there. Maybe that's one of those where you had to be there.

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