no hay mas

Katie's left-over birthday flowers, perhaps. We were partying!

Poundin nails, smokin bones, and what have you. I bought a packet of cigarettes this night. Whoops! Regret is best served with a gallon of gatorade. And some showers and puke.

Don't try to put nothin past this one.

This is what I was feeling like. But Chris and I did make some bong paintings at 3 that morning. I think I'm a virtuoso. Oh snap, this was the night when I started out feeling amazing from having some red-wine, and I continuously chipped away at that nice feeling with cigs, cheap domestics, drumming, and cursing/ feeling blue. It was a real drag, later on. The painting part was really fun though. Should do that more often. If I ever leave the house again!

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