holy smokes

These are some of my first returns from the Mamiya 7. Wowzers. That camera has the most intense color, sharpness, and detail. Too bad I won't be able to use it basically until I get a raise. It gives you 10 shots per roll and costs $10 just to get it developed/scanned. That's a dollar per shot, not even including the price to buy the film! FRIG! I think this winter I'm using 35mm only, unless there is something bong to take pictures of (trips, etc). I want to have enough money to do some printing, but maybe I'll just use my credit card. Maybe I'll just quit spending money on wasteful, sinful things. Like coca cola, peanut m&m's and beer.


Skunkbay said...

Beer wasteful?????

John said...

blasphemous, right?

wifey said...

Yan this is an amazing camera