Danish Bike Posse!

We did many mini-bike posses in Copenhagen. Sondre and Danielle really knew all the best parts of town, although we never got to see the little mermaid statue.

This was an ex meat locker or butcher or something that had been renovated into art spaces. They brought a lot of art in but didn't lose any of that dead flesh smell. It was odd. Love the letters on display though. All the galleries were closed when we biked through, but it was fun to see nonetheless.

This was Sondre and Danielle's old neighborhood. Sondre thought it a bit boring and too settled, but I got the impression that Danielle liked it ok. They moved to the more upcoming neighborhood, the name of which I've by now forgotten. There were more immigrants in their neighborhood, which will always give off a big city feel. The neighborhoods in Copenhagen all really had distinct feels, which is really nice. The old neighborhood had lots of outdoor ping pong tables, which is definitely a plus.
There were no neighborhoods in Copenhagen that I disliked.

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