Christiania, Copenhagen

This is basically the view of Christiania, Copenhagen. It was a military barracks back until like the 70's or so; when the military moved out, squatters did what they do: they moved in. Now it's a place for anybody who wants to hang there, I guess. You can carry beers around (I think you can do this anywhere in Copenhagen, but in Christiania people don't seem to mind drinking far too many, whereas in other parts of town it seems like people are a little more responsible), lots of people played backgammon there, and there was weed and hash for sale. There was a coffee house with a sign that said "over 4000 armed police inspections since 2004. The safest coffee house in the world." I don't think it was a coffee house in the Amsterdam sense of the word (weed peddlers), I just think they served coffee probably. The weed dealers just pulled up a table wherever they wanted.

Needless to say, I prefer carrying around a beer to doing the weed. But I'm not opposed to walking around and looking at alternative lifestyle people.

Christiania is right in the middle of town basically, and as you can see it's right on a lake too. This is some amazing real estate and I felt lucky to have seen it before the inevitable re-seizure by the government/ real estate developers. Because it's not often in our world these days, at least in the first world, that you see something that's free.


Jess Hirsch said...

it looks so dreamy.

Unknown said...

Nice pictures! It was nice having you!

John said...

Oh Sondre! Nice to see you online! Many pics from Copenhagen coming soon, hopefully! They all look weird because the camera was broken and I didn't know how to use northern light in September, but you'll see soon!

Thanks a million again!