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Best of: Shots that I like but can't find the negative of

best of autumn

Lots of best of posts, and more to come. They're kind of fun. The archives-- get into them. These are from back in the day-- the days of pentax frustration and bad Freddies scans. how far we've come!

pics of famous people

Tom Wolfe. I'M ON A BOAT

sort of a best of post, best of famous people from the site! It was all cellphone pictures, which might give off the wrong vibe, if you will.


programming note

I'm going full cell phone picture posting from now until further notice. Film and processing is expensive! And taking pictures of yourself watching TV is boring! (see below). Maybe I'll get out at some point this weekend and burn some rubber, but with Halloween and all, that's not looking so promising. maybe I'll get some epic party shots. Who knows?


I added the links section over there-- hit me up if you want me to pimp yo site. I'll do it. Also, I think I might cancel my cellphone. Wait, isn't that the sort of thing I should twitter? Email me!


Multimedia message

Portland loves you, and you love dominoes

Multimedia message

Macs old apt

Multimedia message

Multimedia message



Oh Shoot

I almost forgot! Tonight begins the Blazers season. Where's everybody watching the games? They're playing the Rockets, who's tallest guy is about my size (6'6", and cut up all crazy). Here's hoping Oden beasts!

Man room update!

I took down my neon cycling jacket, and I'm thinking about putting plastic on the windows. If nothing else it would add to the structural integrity of the man room. Also, I learned there is this TV show called man caves, and they made Snoop Dogg a man cave for one of the episodes.


no hay mas

Katie's left-over birthday flowers, perhaps. We were partying!

Poundin nails, smokin bones, and what have you. I bought a packet of cigarettes this night. Whoops! Regret is best served with a gallon of gatorade. And some showers and puke.

Don't try to put nothin past this one.

This is what I was feeling like. But Chris and I did make some bong paintings at 3 that morning. I think I'm a virtuoso. Oh snap, this was the night when I started out feeling amazing from having some red-wine, and I continuously chipped away at that nice feeling with cigs, cheap domestics, drumming, and cursing/ feeling blue. It was a real drag, later on. The painting part was really fun though. Should do that more often. If I ever leave the house again!


Brilliant shot by PDOGG


mamiya 7 seperate takes

1/2 a second seems to be sort of clear, is it the lack of mirror? Or just the sheer giganticism of the negative? Such a boring hue on this.

6x7 film, where "does the button work?" costs 1$+. Meet me at the malllllll

There has been a lot of blankets and chairs and hot chocolate this fall, so far. We'll see how sustainable this lifestyle is.


Chris and Jake

So this is blue... ... .... .... Dang this'd be a classic shot without those beer cans. The pictures look like thought bubbles..

They are da BOMB and I couldn't ask for two better buds. Hey Buds! See you in the spring though! I'm spending this winter hibernating, doing fantasy basketball, reading books from the library, and saving money.

Devon and Jess

They are da bomb!

Night Shots: last Thursday

I asked P if she wanted to go to Por que no for dinner, and she said yes! Then on the way there we decided to ask Devon and Jess if they wanted to go, but they were already there! We sat around and ate for a while and it was really nice. Also, the FF90D is an amazing camera that I'm really loving. I should have taken it to Europe instead of my stupid broken Mamiya 35mm SLR. Stupid broken awesome camera.



I had another shot here with my flag and me, but it was framed all wrong and sort of embarrassing.


Danger shot out-takes

I love how relaxed Mitch looks

Mamiya 7

Any time I get a new camera, I take a thousand pictures from around the home as I figure out where all the buttons are and how to use the focus and stuff. As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to have to put this bad boy away before I drive myself to the poor house with portraits of my old shoes and another picture of my flag in the window or yet another shot of some food or a candle on the table or whatever.

Dog is always captive, sometimes.

Pretty cool color combos we have in our living room, right? I thought I could have brought out the yellow from outside better, but I malfunctioned it. You can also tell that we're doing the plastic on the windows this winter. That's a project that I really like. Lot's of flash shots from around the house. 6x7 sure makes for strange dimensions, right? They're so upright.