Wedded bliss

Jenny and Anthony got married, and we attended the wedding, our first since being married.

They thought it was going to be raining so they got this great tent, but it was totally sunny, so it made for some great shade anyways.

They had freshly grilled corn!

the sun went down eventually! These are sort of out of order. It's hard to organize any more than 5 pictures per post.

Pale showed up wit me. We were out in the country, it was really beautiful.

lots of people were camping at the wedding. This jetta among them

Jenny rode in on a horse. In the side saddle!

Oh that part was pretty exciting

This was the parking lot

It was dance worthy, to be sure. In fact, there was so much rhythm going around that you couldn't walk but to a beat.

This is the bridal tent. Kind of weird.

These kids were off throwing rocks, and that really reminded me of being a kid.

They had these amazing sheep dogs, but they were aloof and hard to pet/bro down with.

2nd look at the bridal tent. Way to go Anthony and Jenny. Congrats!

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