So I might get outsourced! Just something else to fuel my ambivalence. Look, it'd suck to be out of work, especially with the monumental debts I carry (student loans. My credit card has a 12,000 dollar limit but I never ever ever use it), but on the other hand none of my friends have to work! Why do I? They're always going on trips and laying about, swimming, and eating. Whatever. I'll be screwed if I find myself out of work but I own more suits now than the first time around, and I guess everything always works out no matter what, usually at least. I've tried calculating the total amount of my lay-off bonus, and I don't think it'll be enough to retire on, I'll just say that. C'mon Obama! Fix everything, fast! Maybe it'd be a good excuse to go back to school full time. At the very least I'd be out a job that I was never crazy about to begin with. I'd be basically out a job that I really hated from day one. Maybe this'll be the best thing that ever happened to me. Maybe nothing will happen and it'll be status quo: super lame, unexciting, unfulfilling, but stable at least. Stable: the dentist, 401(k), things that sort of matter to me but don't really, shouldn't, I don't know.
From Wilson's birthday at Valentines! Happy Birthday dude!
Devon and Alex and I were upstairs doing domino games. We were playing 5's, and let me tell you, my arithmetic is still highly on point.

Then finally, I got my haircut at the dog-park, my favorite hair cut place. P is a bong stylist, even if she only knows one length.

This is the epitomey of a p&s post: no great pics really, but a lot of what's going on. The p&s is great for recording what's going on because you can always carry it, and easily. The only thing is you'll always get flawed shots that aren't that great visually or technically. Nothing about them really does anything other than just to refresh the memory.

Whew, lots of words today. Just a little anxiety and I go into hyper-drive! Oh yeah, that's another thing about if I get laid-off-- I'll probably do some off the hook things with writing and photography and self-discipline.


karens82 said...

Sorry about the job, but it truly may be a good thing. I hear you on friends getting by swimmingly never having to work, wtf?!

Danny503 said...

I was going to write a scathing comment about how I hope you get fired because you hate that job and are probably just too scare to quit... like everyone else, myself included. I guess i'm kind of doing that anyway. Anyhow, fuck it bro. Being unemployed rules and you'll just find another job that's better anyway. You've already proven you're not a dead beat perpetually part-time employed "artist" so you know you have enough motivation to regain employment. Don't Trip.

John said...

don't bother with the air quotes around artist, me and van goughe are just not appreciated correctly during our time. Future archeologists are going to go nuts when they learn how to properly hack the web and de-programme all my comments.

Translated from Danish (from Copenhagen, with love!)