Scenics from a new screen

Sondre and Danielle! They let us stay with them in Copenhagen. Their apartment was really cool. It had wood floors but the wood was sort of far apart from itself. Like the slats had little spaces. They also had a bong patio and they were on like the 4th floor or something, but over there it's called the third floor. What's the ground floor people!? They also showed us basically all the attractions of Copenhagen, such as this nice park.
Here are some youth in their experience of life. Croquet on a neatly trimmed lawn under a castle. I'll take the Monroe house backyard any day but Sunday.
That's not much for a castle anyhow, upon second look. EDIT: Oh shoot! They're not even playing croquet! I just looked closer and realized they were playing some game where you throw wooden blocks and try to knock over other wooden blocks. Despite this picture being taken in Denmark, that's totally Dutch!
There were some decent shots from vacation, but my NC1000 was totally shorted out, which I only realized in a Pub our first day in Amsterdam. I wanted to take a slow shot of Pale through an ale, maybe like an eighth of a second or something, but I only heard one click: a 60th of a second or a 125th. I didn't take a backup pointer clicker because I knew I'd just settle for that all the time and not get great sharpness. Whoops. Don't rely on cameras that are probably older than you that you don't know where they came from or if they're resistant to spraying beer all over it.

The 645 worked, but damn! That thing weighs like 14 pounds! It's heavier than a cast iron frying pan! Is Bud still reading? Hey Bud! Santa in the house!

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