Oh and another thing

I had to change every password I've ever had because somebody tried buying gas in Tampa, FL on my debit card! These times sure are a drag.

Lot's of these road shots on this roll. I guess you go on one bike ride with the camera around your neck and it's like shots burning holes in your pockets, and then you invent a whole new genre. One that sort of sucks.

Reverse angle on the man room, P dogg doing some hacking on the blogging machine.

Road shot, bad genre karma.

Jess entered this competition/dinner by invite or RSVP only. They told us we were on like a waiting list for people that didn't fulfill their reservation, which instantly sent me into a panic. We weren't even the first people on that banished section of the dinner list, we were like 6th. I don't like not having a seat/plate, so I began to stew. I stewed and stewed and began using one word sentences with p, making faces, pacing from the water fountain and back, and so forth. We were standing in the back of a line that wasn't moving and once we got to the front we'd be denied the fruits and salads outright by some volunteer wielding carte blanche. I was also worried that there'd be no seats left, and that I'd have to sit next to someone who'd make fun of my hunger/lack of food. You can tell this won't end well. I basically walked out the back door in a panic and began to bike quickly away. Fight or flight! It was survival, it wasn't me! OH YEAH, even if we did manage to eat the food, it was going to be 10$ per person and they didn't even have any steaks or anything! I don't even think they had bread! Man, I was so sketched out.

Luckily, Jess won it anyways! Go Jess Go! I guess she's setting up a health school or something with the funds, but I'm not really sure. Like kombucha seminars or something.

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