Nut Vendor

We biked out to a goat farm. It was closed but we got to see the goats anyways. P saw a goat with a chicken on it, which could be construed as a highlight, I guess.

There was a street where you could walk down it and it was like a market I guess. There was a nut vendor, but good luck trying to convert pounds to 200 grams, and then euros to dollars. The whole time nobody knew what anything was costing. It was ok in Amsterdam because one euro is around the same amount as a dollar, give or take a dollar, but in Copenhagen, all bets were off. One dollar is something like 5.5 Kroner, which, what the hell? What can you even get for a dollar? I think I bought a round one night at the bar and it was either 27 or 67 kroner for three beers. SUPER CONFUSING

Then here in Amsterdam, you just sit and look at the canals a lot. I guess that's a honeymooning activity for you: sitting there and just talking a little, doing romance.

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