The law, the legal system, and our concerned citizenry

This is my stock Portland shot. Bike shots! Where you create stock photos of lazy things with too much road in the fore-ground.

Stock shot of the street where we live!


Me and Pale got some tails at the Tube. F'n great! Oh, she'll always order a cocktail, and the barkeep does their typical 1am coke fueled pour, and she'll get a cape code that's barely pink! She hates it, but it's so funny. There's really something to be said for a well made drink, but there's also plenty to say about pounding lots of liquor, so I guess I swing both ways more so that p on that item.

This was the jury I was on. This was the case I was on. Did I already divulge that to the web? Man, that case was such a drag. It was super interesting but there were a few days where I was terribly depressed about everything. It was also really intriguing, and I got to see a lot of deep deep Portlanders, many of whom were lawyers and CEO's and high school students and coaches, Steve Duin was in the audience a lot, the defense lawyer looked exactly like Scott Palmer (whatup scott palmer!!!), the judge was sort of appropriately cranky, the jurors were total citizens, totally the public. It was a month with 9-5 days where, yes, you had an hour and a half for lunch, but you were also in that seat when they said. You couldn't wander around or check your email compulsively or do g-chats or look at espn.com or anything. You had to look and stare and totally relax but totally focus. It was really intense and crappy and amazing. It was sort of life changing, but not really.

On the last day, after we'd reached our verdict, the whole jury was in tears, the victims in the audience were sobbing uncontrollably, the dude was a convicted felon and sex offender, the DA was still a smug dick, and this moron was riding a wheelie across the hawthorne bridge.

Go Moron GO! Mega post! Who's the moron now?

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