Ground up pixel dust

We were doing the epic drawing and crayons were just flying around like crazy. I would alternate: use an entire light colored crayon, then find and use an entire dark crayon. See, when you're drawing, you have to get the low tones then the highlights. Look, I took some art classes, I know what I'm talking about. (snicker)

Anyhow, the next day there was the entire package of like 48 crayons or 56 or something, all ground down to a few centimeters, and all totally ground up into the shaggy carpet. There were no more crayons. Shoot, is that why we stopped the drawing? The carpet took on a whole new character after all that.

Also, I don't know who's foot that is. It looks sort of like my foot, but I would have thought that I would have taken this picture. That really looks like my foot though. The foot is a nice thing to have in the picture.

EDIT: I keep thinking about whether or not this is my foot and I'm pretty sure it isn't. It probably looks like my foot because it is probably the foot of my brother. I think I would have been wearing shorts by this time, and there are some dark pants clearly visibly obstructing the view to the ankle of that foot, and those don't look like any dark pants that I own. EDIT 2: WAIT! I think those might be my dark pants! I think I blew the crotch out of my nice jeans that night! Detective work: it makes you thirsty.
EDIT 3 (12/8/09): What am I, and idiot? Look at the dark jeans my brother is wearing in the picture right below here. Plus, I totally took this picture. Definitely his foot.

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