"Well done, sir."
"Well done, indeed." This was about when the sun was coming up. That is always a bummer time of night.


Not sure if this one made it yet, and frankly don't care. Later in the night Jake was actually spooning the bed, rather than laying/sleeping on it.

Smoking inside the man room: allowed under certain circumstances.
1. Must be before the sun comes up.
2. Must not be less than 5 hours since the sun went down.
3. Must be doing an massive art project.
4. Must share.
5. No more than one monogrammed glass used as an ashtray
6. No more than one butt ground up into the carpet for hung Johnny to clean up in the morning and almost hurl.

Look at Scott's little mane. He looks like a little mop head or something, which he sort of is. Little long hair.

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