25 dollar 50 foot long

Pale and I are going on our honeymoon! I'll be out of communication until the 22nd or so. For business purposes, call some sweatshop in Thailand where they're going to ship my job. For personal matters, use... telepathy. I'll shoot you back a thought within 15 minutes, depending on how hard you concentrate. Just pretend you're praying, and pretend like I'm God, and if you hear my talking, then we're doing telepathy. I've never been out of the country. I feel like it's going to be like a time machine sort of. I'm a little nervous. Here are some pics of the beach to hold you over for like 12 days or so. The hardest part of packing was figuring out what camera gear to take. I decided on my heaviest, hardest to use cameras. I was thinking about bringing something minimal and unobtrusive, but how often do I get to go to Copenhagen? What if there is some bong composition that will require maximum resolution? LIKE A FJORD OR SOMETHING? Wish us luck please.... via telepathy

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