Swedish Beaches

I don't know why these look so cool, but I think it's a combination of over-exposure, latitude sickness, and the waning lights of September. There were swimmers out here pretending it was still summer time, but we all knew better really. It was a sort of grasping-- a desperation move. I'm also now somewhat obsessed with Denmark and Scandinavia in general. Get me back to my roots!

Nut Vendor

We biked out to a goat farm. It was closed but we got to see the goats anyways. P saw a goat with a chicken on it, which could be construed as a highlight, I guess.

There was a street where you could walk down it and it was like a market I guess. There was a nut vendor, but good luck trying to convert pounds to 200 grams, and then euros to dollars. The whole time nobody knew what anything was costing. It was ok in Amsterdam because one euro is around the same amount as a dollar, give or take a dollar, but in Copenhagen, all bets were off. One dollar is something like 5.5 Kroner, which, what the hell? What can you even get for a dollar? I think I bought a round one night at the bar and it was either 27 or 67 kroner for three beers. SUPER CONFUSING

Then here in Amsterdam, you just sit and look at the canals a lot. I guess that's a honeymooning activity for you: sitting there and just talking a little, doing romance.


Scenics from a new screen

Sondre and Danielle! They let us stay with them in Copenhagen. Their apartment was really cool. It had wood floors but the wood was sort of far apart from itself. Like the slats had little spaces. They also had a bong patio and they were on like the 4th floor or something, but over there it's called the third floor. What's the ground floor people!? They also showed us basically all the attractions of Copenhagen, such as this nice park.
Here are some youth in their experience of life. Croquet on a neatly trimmed lawn under a castle. I'll take the Monroe house backyard any day but Sunday.
That's not much for a castle anyhow, upon second look. EDIT: Oh shoot! They're not even playing croquet! I just looked closer and realized they were playing some game where you throw wooden blocks and try to knock over other wooden blocks. Despite this picture being taken in Denmark, that's totally Dutch!
There were some decent shots from vacation, but my NC1000 was totally shorted out, which I only realized in a Pub our first day in Amsterdam. I wanted to take a slow shot of Pale through an ale, maybe like an eighth of a second or something, but I only heard one click: a 60th of a second or a 125th. I didn't take a backup pointer clicker because I knew I'd just settle for that all the time and not get great sharpness. Whoops. Don't rely on cameras that are probably older than you that you don't know where they came from or if they're resistant to spraying beer all over it.

The 645 worked, but damn! That thing weighs like 14 pounds! It's heavier than a cast iron frying pan! Is Bud still reading? Hey Bud! Santa in the house!

Force Eject

I learned today that a pack of albatrosses is called a rookery of albatross, which seems like you could metaphorize somehow. Some more honeymoon shots. This cd got stuck in the computer and Pale wound up just buying a new one! Baller! I wanted to post some other pics but she's totes hogging the new computer. Check her out on skype and facebook y'all!



I thought that I leftover some from before vacation shots, but I sure didn't. Not to Worry! I have like uncounted rolls from the honeymoon; probably so many that I'll bankrupt myself trying to develop all of them.


25 dollar 50 foot long

Pale and I are going on our honeymoon! I'll be out of communication until the 22nd or so. For business purposes, call some sweatshop in Thailand where they're going to ship my job. For personal matters, use... telepathy. I'll shoot you back a thought within 15 minutes, depending on how hard you concentrate. Just pretend you're praying, and pretend like I'm God, and if you hear my talking, then we're doing telepathy. I've never been out of the country. I feel like it's going to be like a time machine sort of. I'm a little nervous. Here are some pics of the beach to hold you over for like 12 days or so. The hardest part of packing was figuring out what camera gear to take. I decided on my heaviest, hardest to use cameras. I was thinking about bringing something minimal and unobtrusive, but how often do I get to go to Copenhagen? What if there is some bong composition that will require maximum resolution? LIKE A FJORD OR SOMETHING? Wish us luck please.... via telepathy

Wedded bliss

Jenny and Anthony got married, and we attended the wedding, our first since being married.

They thought it was going to be raining so they got this great tent, but it was totally sunny, so it made for some great shade anyways.

They had freshly grilled corn!

the sun went down eventually! These are sort of out of order. It's hard to organize any more than 5 pictures per post.

Pale showed up wit me. We were out in the country, it was really beautiful.

lots of people were camping at the wedding. This jetta among them

Jenny rode in on a horse. In the side saddle!

Oh that part was pretty exciting

This was the parking lot

It was dance worthy, to be sure. In fact, there was so much rhythm going around that you couldn't walk but to a beat.

This is the bridal tent. Kind of weird.

These kids were off throwing rocks, and that really reminded me of being a kid.

They had these amazing sheep dogs, but they were aloof and hard to pet/bro down with.

2nd look at the bridal tent. Way to go Anthony and Jenny. Congrats!

The law, the legal system, and our concerned citizenry

This is my stock Portland shot. Bike shots! Where you create stock photos of lazy things with too much road in the fore-ground.

Stock shot of the street where we live!


Me and Pale got some tails at the Tube. F'n great! Oh, she'll always order a cocktail, and the barkeep does their typical 1am coke fueled pour, and she'll get a cape code that's barely pink! She hates it, but it's so funny. There's really something to be said for a well made drink, but there's also plenty to say about pounding lots of liquor, so I guess I swing both ways more so that p on that item.

This was the jury I was on. This was the case I was on. Did I already divulge that to the web? Man, that case was such a drag. It was super interesting but there were a few days where I was terribly depressed about everything. It was also really intriguing, and I got to see a lot of deep deep Portlanders, many of whom were lawyers and CEO's and high school students and coaches, Steve Duin was in the audience a lot, the defense lawyer looked exactly like Scott Palmer (whatup scott palmer!!!), the judge was sort of appropriately cranky, the jurors were total citizens, totally the public. It was a month with 9-5 days where, yes, you had an hour and a half for lunch, but you were also in that seat when they said. You couldn't wander around or check your email compulsively or do g-chats or look at espn.com or anything. You had to look and stare and totally relax but totally focus. It was really intense and crappy and amazing. It was sort of life changing, but not really.

On the last day, after we'd reached our verdict, the whole jury was in tears, the victims in the audience were sobbing uncontrollably, the dude was a convicted felon and sex offender, the DA was still a smug dick, and this moron was riding a wheelie across the hawthorne bridge.

Go Moron GO! Mega post! Who's the moron now?


Oh and another thing

I had to change every password I've ever had because somebody tried buying gas in Tampa, FL on my debit card! These times sure are a drag.

Lot's of these road shots on this roll. I guess you go on one bike ride with the camera around your neck and it's like shots burning holes in your pockets, and then you invent a whole new genre. One that sort of sucks.

Reverse angle on the man room, P dogg doing some hacking on the blogging machine.

Road shot, bad genre karma.

Jess entered this competition/dinner by invite or RSVP only. They told us we were on like a waiting list for people that didn't fulfill their reservation, which instantly sent me into a panic. We weren't even the first people on that banished section of the dinner list, we were like 6th. I don't like not having a seat/plate, so I began to stew. I stewed and stewed and began using one word sentences with p, making faces, pacing from the water fountain and back, and so forth. We were standing in the back of a line that wasn't moving and once we got to the front we'd be denied the fruits and salads outright by some volunteer wielding carte blanche. I was also worried that there'd be no seats left, and that I'd have to sit next to someone who'd make fun of my hunger/lack of food. You can tell this won't end well. I basically walked out the back door in a panic and began to bike quickly away. Fight or flight! It was survival, it wasn't me! OH YEAH, even if we did manage to eat the food, it was going to be 10$ per person and they didn't even have any steaks or anything! I don't even think they had bread! Man, I was so sketched out.

Luckily, Jess won it anyways! Go Jess Go! I guess she's setting up a health school or something with the funds, but I'm not really sure. Like kombucha seminars or something.