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Dan Wilson, the man, the adventurer, the musician, the fish out of water, the happy man. Here is your fan-site! From the trip the other day!
Oddly, Dan doesn't know how to dive! We were trying to teach him but Jake, Crisp, and I were using such different techniques, mantras, and ideologies that I think his drive to dive was very fatally wounded.
Here's Crisp trying some technique that had us all laughing, but didn't help any. I think he was trying to get wilson to pretend he was a baby, or a nursing mother, I don't know. Something totally random and not helpful.
Oh man, side-note. Jake has a new tattoo that says "Lifestyler." It was a homemade tattoo and the tattoo artist just totally blew it. The dots don't connect, the spacing is totally fucked, he barely spelled it right. You know what though? Are you lifestyling or are you talking shit on the internet? So it's actually the best tattoo I've ever seen, bar-none. I kind of want one. Pardon the language, I don't have the vocabulary to properly convey the ideas that I mean to convey without using the worst language possible.
Ok, back to the fan-site. I don't really know what to say. Wilson is the most common subject for fan-sites. He has his own blog label, for goodness' sake. So what has changed since the last Dan Wilson fan-site? This is going to take some careful retrospection.
First thing that's different: Dan learned to read! We should be very proud of him and we are. It's still tough though, huh Dan? I kid. I don't know why he makes the perplexed face, other than possibly to ask "dude, get that thing out of my face?" That's not a question. He was perplexed because the book was philosophical? We may never know.
Wilson, in the time since 6/19/08, is about a year older, and he's also now the king of the moon. He also became a worldly explorer. Actually, in truth and fairness, I think that Dan is actually traveling less, as the music thing is sort of at a point where touring isn't on the menu so much as with a Joggers, say. That doesn't make this any more of a crossroads though, realistically. I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say.
He has learned many a new dance move.
He has seen the sights that Oregon offers and now he travels to Washington to see sights. He's also now a bong blogger. Rad Holga shots Dan! Don't take your black and White Fuji Acros film to Quick stop though. They just have never not screwed it up! Hell of a circumstance: my favorite film totally perplexes and vexes my lab! FFFFFrig. Thanks for still being my friend Dan! Let's backyard movie or otherwise chill soon!

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