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I've been reading, oh wait!!!

Currently Reading: Vintage Nabokov. THE SUMMER OF LITERATURE CONTINUES.

Anyhow, so I've been reading some Nabokov lately and then this afternoon I wrote a letter to an old acquaintance and I realized that I was using sentences that were like a paragraph long and that I used a bunch of weird words that weren't my own. I'm so, uh, what's the word? You can just mold me, I'm impressionable, that's what I was thinking. If I'm reading Cannery Row I just want to go camping and talk about light hearted philosophy with my friends while bumming for food and drink. If I'm reading early James Baldwin I get eerily depressed, and when I read Nabokov I get all fantastical and whispey and sort of queer in an old time way.

Huger Bummer

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