Quick man room update and more camping

Man room update! See the far left window in this picture? It is now covered with an American Flag! Now with 200% more patriotism and 1/4 more freedom!!

This is Bud. Bud was eminently likable and he had the most amazing gear bag. He had like 20 lenses in there, and you see that tripod? That thing was looking nice. Bud was also just a fountain of knowledge. I feel like he has a web presence, but I don't seem to have an address. Try "Bud photography Fairbanks, AK, Aurora." The google: I just found out Bud's last name! Full name: Bud Kuenzli! He's got some amazing shots out there. Oh, and his Web user name is Santa! At one time, Mike (also present on the trip) was calling Bud "Santa," and I was all, "wow, that's kind of weird." But Bud is all about his Santaness. GO BUD GO!!

I don't know Brihghet's last name, but here she is with her mother. Family camping! It's different when it's not your family.

Mr. Wilson, a truly wonderful man.

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