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Doth thou liketh to party?

The Crispeth doth

Self tatooing the inside of the lip. It was like a math joke or an equation of some sort, I think.

I was just watching some skateboarding videos online and I just wanted to put forth a, uh, I guess an analogy. Or what are these things called? :

Andrew Reynolds: big sets :: Jamie Thomas: Hand railings.

Both have such an accepted style that really is just theirs, and while both are totally representative and personalized to them, I'm not sure either actually have good style on the board. In fact, save a few choice moves, I'm going to say that neither really have that great of style. Thomas is so mechanized and sort of sharp, very weird, very choppy. Reynolds' limbs are basically a foot too long each. He's so gawky, and it lends itself really, to a clumsiness. (I just watched him on the Berrics games of skate from last year). I also would like to make the point that Reynolds' Baker2G part ranks among my favorites of all time. I think that's partially because of the great songs he chose. Tommy Janes and the Standells (edit. I believe it's the Shondells) -- Crimson and Clover, and the second song was Donovan-- Gather thy Bearings. Donovan-- maybe the most under-rated musician of those days? Undoubtedly not. I think the Rose is working!


Danny503 said...

It's Tommy James & the Shondells, dog.

The Standells were a whole other band. Totally awesome, totally underrated California Garage Rock.

Okay, feel free to correct the post and delete this. I kind of feel like an asshole now.

John said...

There's nothing wrong with being knowledgeable and/or right, dog.