New Gear: Odd effects

I got a new camera. I'm so psyched on it! It is a Ricoh FF 90D. I had been wanting to buy a yashica t4 but they are a few hundred dollars. The FF 90D does all I wanted out of the T4 but it only cost 3$ at Goodwill. Granted, I had to buy a 15$ battery to get it up and running but it works! Sort of! Maybe I should go get it cleaned or something, but it'll do as a pocket pointer (cargo pants pocket, not any other kind of pocket really. Maybe Kangaroo pouch). Anyhow, this effect was actually because there was some dude just firing the flash many, many times. Like a strobe light. I stole his effect, to great effect. You just have to admire the skill and passion that Christian takes to the drum-set, I'll tell you that. Also, I just wanted to brag a little:

currently reading: Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck. Yeah I finished that other book and started a new one! The summer of literature! The summer of justice! The summer of wondering whether law-school would be a good idea. The summer of wondering what I could write about (other than breaking the law). Jury duty has been very contemplative. Not legally, just personally. The bike rides to and from Jury Duty are a pain in the ass. Riding home from wherever is usually my favorite time to think, but because of this particular route I'm sort of SOL. I've had to use the Hawthorne bridge 4 times a day (if I come home for lunch), and it sucks. The bridge is really flat so there is no natural filter on the cyclists (on ascending and descending bridges the faster cyclists can obtain open road, they just have to haul ass up the first half), they get bunched up, it is too crowded, and it reminds me of my pasts. What a nightmare.