New Camera, same ol same ol

My new camera, as I've stated earlier, is a Ricoh FF90D. It's a point and shoot 35 mm camera with a 35mm fixed lens that opens up to f2.8. My guess is that it's from the late 80's, but I don't really know my stuff. It could be from the 90's, or even the early 00's. These are the first shots I've taken with it. I haven't named this camera nor assigned it a gender, but that's not my standard protocol anyways so I guess it's status quo.
My first camera ever was also a Ricoh. It was an SLR camera with a Pentax K mount for lenses. I tooled around with some zoom lenses, a really wide one (to 19mm if I remember correctly), a telephoto lens hand-me-down from pop (who also owned a Ricoh I think), and a standard "kit" lens, that came with the camera (probably like 35-80mm or something basic). Oh how I wanted to smash that camera! It was just an absolute nightmare to operate. Ricoh is a photo-copier company and it really shows in their camera design. I was in an advanced photo class trying to calibrate my light meter, film, and print-times (part of the zone system lexicon, I guess), and I just wanted to smash it all! The meter wouldn't work, and if it did it wouldn't tell me the reading, and if it did both of those things the low battery light would start flashing or something! It was no wonder that the majority of my projects at the time were completed using a 645 camera I had received (Mamiya M model, old and very brickish) or disposable cameras from the grocery store. I did probably the most major project ever solely on the throw away cameras! And it wasn't too bad!
Anyhow, after school was out I was pretty over it all, with an especially low point coming when my digital point and shoot camera was stolen and the most debaucherous party I've ever been to. People were running around with their privates hanging out, beer spilling everywhere, and lots of drugged out fiends. It wasn't the best time of my life. Anyhow, to get to the point, I've come full circle sort of photographically. I have accumulated a collection of the illest gear, and yet I'm sporting this little Ricoh camera. I was sitting in the parking lot trying to replace the dead battery, and the door would. NOT. OPEN. I really almost smashed the thing right there. Miraculously I eventually got it in there and did some test shots (above). 1st one: does it fire? Yes! 2nd shot: does the flash work? AAAMAZING IT WORKS!! 3rd shot: Can I disable the flash at will? YESSSS. 4th shot (Below): Jake showing off how he gets rad: 6x7 slide film. I'm not there yet.
You're on my list, Ricoh Cameras. What was I thinking?

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