Inordinate analysis

I just looked up inordinate on dictionary.com.

Here are the definitions:

1. not within proper or reasonable limits; immoderate; excessive: He drank an inordinate amount of wine.
2. unrestrained in conduct, feelings, etc.: an inordinate admirer of beauty.
3. disorderly; uncontrolled.
4. not regulated; irregular: inordinate hours.

I love first that the example is of drinking wine, because drinking wine is really old fashioned and romantic. I'm actually enjoying some rose right now. Secondly, this was the perfect adjective to use in this case.

Wrastlin! I love high spirited moments. I am so melancholy right now. I should do something other than BLOGGING! Today was extremely introspective and just really weird. Not a day like any other. I went out skateboarding and saw this homeless man, and I thought of all the people who were homeless and who were just ruined. Life is so real, man.

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