200,000 people making the same joke at the same time

This was either from Devo's birthday or some other day. We were chilling over there and I liked it.

P is one smoking bride

This is where I enjoy eating lunch when I'm actually working. They have the best deal for 5$, where you can get a bong cheeseburger, some krinkle cut fries (admittedly not the best kind of fries, in fact, are they the worst kind of fries? I think they are. What's worse than a krinkle cut fry? Nothing, as far as fries go, I'd say.) Well, then you also get a soda. It's just a mediocre lunch I guess. I love it at the time but thinking about it now it's not so appealing. Not compared to the Indian Carts I eat every lunch during Jury Duty anyways.

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