root down

Just got back from Keizer, where they partied in our honor. Hi to Uncle Al! Hi to Sandy! Hi to Mom and Dad! Hi to Kathleen once they install her high speed internet. The party was a real blast but it's always great to get home.

Here is where the shots on the roll go from semi-ok to downright terrible. Slide film is like exactly the opposite of negative film and I haven't yet remembered that when using it. Maybe you expose for the highlights? They're always blown out so bad. This last one we were at the home run derby for the AAA all star game, and just below the frame were tons of fans with hands outreached grabbing for an incoming homer. I thought I had hit the shot out of the park but alas, I over-shot the angle. The other night we were doing hypotheticals about what would you do with 800 dollars, and I would buy a little sailboat for like 600$ and then buy another lens for my 645. A real wide-angle lens, like 45mm or something. I think they're cheap and I might buy one even if I don't find 800$. Just use my own money. I think that at the time I said that I'd just update the bar with handles of everything. That would be so dumb!


Anonymous said...

this last photo is the best photo ever taken by a stoner.
you roll the rule of slide thumbs.

John said...

For the record, I am not a stoner.