One round; Tryon Creek

About four years ago I worked in Tryon Creek State Park in the middle of the night. They were diverting a stream and doing stream bed reconstruction to make the creek more hospitable to salmon runs. So you put in a few stumps so they won't float away during a rainstorm and that causes pools where the fish can rest. Scott Palmer originally had found out about this job but he left before it was slated to begin to do some NOLS training or some such thing. I slid into his spot, the final part-timer.
The work I was doing was... I'd sit there all night and make sure the generator powering the pumps didn't die. It was a really big generator. I'd get there around 4 and leave at two or three when the next reserve showed up. The generator never died and the stream eventually was turned back on. I read a lot of books at this job and a few times I did this job with the worst hang-overs I'd ever had. A few times I showed up a few hours early to try to show off my skills with a sledge hammer and work-ethic, but the contractors were pretty non-plussed. The best they offered was a job in Eugene manually extracting acres and acres of blackberry patches.
It was a little eerie in the park in the middle of the night, but the wage was prevailing and quite good, especially since I was completely out of work and absolutely directionless at the time. Sure, I'll sit in this chair all night listening to my walk-man. I was reading JT Leroy and Nabokov a lot, as well as Dostoevsky I think. I couldn't tell you what music I was listening to, nor what my drink of choice was then. Whatever it was, I preferred about a hundred of them.
The next round will be all the screw-ups. When I use the slide film about 2/3 are totally jacked. There will be many curse words probably. This was Velvia 50, which I had never used before. Probably the finest grain in the history of the blog! Heck, in the history of my life probably! I don't know how the grain of slide film matches up to the grain of negative film actually. I'm trending toward more ISO 100s and 50s and using the 645 too. Resolution baby! I want to be able to make a poster if I so choose, and they say that when you're painting a masterpiece you don't want to be able to see the lines.

It's really a beautiful park, and the Velvia in the hands of a master would have rendered the greens much better than I was able to.

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TH Holler said...

Did you know that they did an episode of 'Dirtiest Jobs' while they were doing the creek restoration work? Too bad Mike Rowe didn't come and get dirty with you in the middle of the night.....

Driving that Gator around sure was fun though.