not an infomercial.

Lake Washington, I think. I'm pretty sure.
Richard and Gilbert's house seemed to have a lot of sky-lights. What a feature!
Not often you get a shot of P dogg in a party house. This house had a pool table, air-hockey, foosball, and a bumpin ass stereo down-stairs, and boiling peanuts, more movies than you can shake a stick at, more empty liquor bottles than you can shake a stick at, and drunk people upstairs. I would be hanging out there right now if I lived in Seattle and they'd have me. People were getting all psychedelic and we were blasting Led Zeppelin! 4th of July calls for an all American band, right?
Anyhow, Zeppelin was blasting and I did my patented joke where I'm all, "AC/DC, bad ass man." They all laughed after a beat and I knew that these dudes were all right. 4 for fourth of July!

This was the view from either the viaduct or the aqueduct. I don't remember what it's called exactly. I thought it was the expressway, but I guess that wasn't it exactly.

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