Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon
Hells Canyon Hike
Photo by P

She said it was ok if this one was on the web. I think she's proud! Bikini Season, 2009.

NEW WEBSITE NEW WEBSITE NEW WEBSITE. I created a site where I don't blather and blather and blather about the fungus between my toes or what I did for lunch or whatever. Serious Website! I figure if I'm going to take myself this seriously I might as well have a proper portfolio online. I can't really figure out a good way to format it but I think it works decently enough. I always read that a photographer should be primarily an editor-- that you should only display the cream of the cream of the crop, but that wouldn't be much fun! One image every two months? Hell na! So I guess this is me having my cake and eating dirt. PAY DIRT BABY. Anyhow it's a complete work in progress but I'm not much one for a hard launch anyways. Now I can lay eggs all over the web and try to get the artsy photo-set to take notice. I'm doing networking! Well, we'll see.

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P said...

Hell yea!