Fireworks in Seattle

You can tell I was pretty un-willing to get out of the chaise lounge. I was glued to it.
Really a blameless situation. I tell you what though, psuedo big city pseudo life really takes it out of a guy! Also, this picture must have been between when I took my shoes off and when I took my socks off. Maybe I was sitting there in my socks. I guess I don't know.

Success! Using exposure values no less.

Sort of. I was using a guard rail as my tri-pod, McGyver style. It was circular, like a tube around the roof, so it was both unsteady and crooked. I thought these looked sort of like hot-lava, and now I really wish I had taken a few really out of focus too, because I bet you'd get great circles everywhere. When would the next fire-works occasion be? New Years? Note to self I guess.

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