excuse me while I play impressario

Loyal readers-- let's have the most epic bike posse// bum-fire// urban camp-out ever. Superfund site, say Saturday afternoon? Do some camp-fire food (we'll bring a grill so you can get appropriately gormet), throw rocks, take the raft out, maybe built one (I'll bring a length of twine), and so forth. Sound fun? Sounds so fun to me.

Tonight, well, we're in the midst of a heat-wave and Devon and I were out chilling by the Willamette, and before long we were conspiring how to do the best bum-fire and decided on the superfund site. Then we agreed to swim in the river. I did two backflips off the dock-- my first two in some time. Still 48 short but I'm not counting. It's the spirit of the thing, it's not specifics.

Two words of the day for today.

First is Dipsomaniac. (reading Tortilla Flat at the recommendation of Dan Wilson, and I can't second hand recommend it enough-- it's amazing.)

Second is Patina (with a wink to slender white pine-- thanks for having a refined vocabulary)

Confidential to Skunk Bay readers-- I hear your pictures are cropped on the web-site. You need to either adjust the resolution on your screen (right click on the desktop [background of regular screen], select properties, and then I think display, and shoot for something in the higher resolution option, or, get a mammoth flat screen for your computer. I'd recommend just doing the resolution thing. To think you've been looking at cropped images all this time!


See if that helps.


Skunkbay said...

That works for the pictures but makes a lot of the rest too small for my old eyes and moniter (10 years old ?). Guess I will go back and forth as needed. Thanks for the tip. Only got to 84 here at the bay yesterday. Lil hotter there I see.

Stephan said...

I was talking about words of the day with someone else the other day - how about: inaccrochable i think Gertrude Stein or Hemingway made it up to describe something created that is out of touch with yourself, or something like that