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Bringin sexy back, yeah, eating this wing baby its a snack yeah
Baggin this ice for a cold pack, yeah
y'all are jealous of this massive mast yeah
(sung to the tune of sexy back song by justin timberlake). Thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome party!!!!
best mom and dad in all the land. Also, P just said from the kitchen, "whoa man this looks like some bomb tuna!" LOL

Friendly reminder: I put up some serious pictures online, in an effort to try to widen my internet presence. To cast a net, as it were. It's here. And if you are ever looking through the archives and you're like, "dang, this is a serious serious shot, I can't believe it's not on John's other site where he keeps all his crown jewels," well just keep that to yourself. THIS IS MY VISION!

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