4th of July: 200 day weekend!

We went to Seattle for the 4th of July. Special guest commentary from the wife: "This guy is saying 'my goodness that is a big pepper grinder.'" She's even trying to tell me how to do punctuation. "The lady is saying: I gotta crank this bitch all day! You should see my tritoids!" My favorite part is the lady who's grinding the pepper. She's really getting into it! Feel the burn deep in your tri-toids.
"This one has a lot of wood. It was the only empty pier in the line. The piers were built on an angle." Public use.
"Boy meets world." Is she making fun of me? "Also, this (touches building on the right) is a famous hotel and restaurant." Didn't they film Real World Seattle right around there?
Laughter. "The troll was so weird we didn't even get out of the car." It looks like they were doing some interpretive theater or something. For those keeping score-- Homemade construction tally: Portland has Burnside, Seattle has... a troll. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin. "The troll was in the center of the universe neighborhood." (Freemont) Pretty impressive troll, actually!
"Best trip to Seattle ever!" 4th, 4th, 4th of Juuuuuulyyyyy!