On the way to work there is often very silvery light. I like it a lot.
Portland's new architecture; It's really hive like.
My aim needs improvement, though to be fair, I was hauling ass through there on my bike. These dudes were fueling up a moped.

there's a song called Hearts of Oak, which is just pop perfection, IMO. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

The Marquee said no market today.

From my occasional series: Couches on the side of the Road. Deep man, deep. I had a high school film teacher named Mr. Markee, by the way. Quite fitting.
I had been lugging the P&S around everywhere, but with the onset of heat apocalypse 2009, I sort of stopped doing that.
Dog was blinging! Oh my god!! I literally just noticed his little weiner sticking out! NSFW!!

P can do contortionism.


dang, this word of the day is obscure

Clepsydra: like an hour glass but one where the sand is either water or mercury. Wow that is a far out word.

word of the day

apoplectic: strokish

flamin! Horn section

P. Brought friends over. I was buck naked. Heat apocalypse 2009!!!

A bunch of pictures I'm not sure made it or not. Even if they did, it won't kill anyone to look at some pictures that were posted a few weeks ago that have been completely forgotten in the mean time.

I fell asleep in the dentist's chair

This last one is from my series "vacuum cleaners from our alley" (2009)

celebrity (?) look-alike

Check Spelling
Jake Arcularius-- it's your long lost twin! At least we know who got the smarts in the family I guess.


B.U.M. fire

Ah, I may not be able to do the Velvia that well, but I got the flash mastered y'all! (ish)
We did a three man bum fire. It was a great fire. The wood was really set and ready to get sparked.


Fuji Velvia: Un-requited love

Damn you Fuji Velvia. When will I ever figure you out?
That one's actually kind of cool, I guess.

Multimedia message



excuse me while I play impressario

Loyal readers-- let's have the most epic bike posse// bum-fire// urban camp-out ever. Superfund site, say Saturday afternoon? Do some camp-fire food (we'll bring a grill so you can get appropriately gormet), throw rocks, take the raft out, maybe built one (I'll bring a length of twine), and so forth. Sound fun? Sounds so fun to me.

Tonight, well, we're in the midst of a heat-wave and Devon and I were out chilling by the Willamette, and before long we were conspiring how to do the best bum-fire and decided on the superfund site. Then we agreed to swim in the river. I did two backflips off the dock-- my first two in some time. Still 48 short but I'm not counting. It's the spirit of the thing, it's not specifics.

Two words of the day for today.

First is Dipsomaniac. (reading Tortilla Flat at the recommendation of Dan Wilson, and I can't second hand recommend it enough-- it's amazing.)

Second is Patina (with a wink to slender white pine-- thanks for having a refined vocabulary)

Confidential to Skunk Bay readers-- I hear your pictures are cropped on the web-site. You need to either adjust the resolution on your screen (right click on the desktop [background of regular screen], select properties, and then I think display, and shoot for something in the higher resolution option, or, get a mammoth flat screen for your computer. I'd recommend just doing the resolution thing. To think you've been looking at cropped images all this time!


See if that helps.

Multimedia message


Multimedia message

man room update

The desk is getting more cluttered, as you can see. I also hung my cycling jacket with high visibility from the curtain rod. We got on the desk: level, little religious dish, dinosaur bookmark, light meter, lens cleaning cloth, the case my ipod goes in, a book, a note book, jury summons, headphones, some duct tape for sealing the light leaks on my mamiya 35mm, and some thank you notes that need to be mailed.
It's a good place to do correspondence.
I always like making weird shapes with the digi cam.


Some test shots

I think I might go boardin for a while.

Sweat running down your bat

our bedding: it's pretty flashy
Our Back porch: lots of life and some sheets hanging.
Some beautiful bouquets, perfectly lit if I may.

Odilon Redon

Really reminiscent of the Shaq Panda picture, right? Crisp's favorite painter, though this doesn't look like paint.




I'm trying to take more portraits of the people that come through our house/life. I wish more of them came out like this. Thanks Ruth!

Family Portraits

Siblings and Mom
Siblings, mates, and Mom

I'm available for booking at your next family reunion. Call today!

Warlords in Northern Africa

Sup dog I heard you liked hearding so I put a hearing aid in the bottom of the river for you to fetch so you can hear while you swim.
For as beautiful and strange as this stretch of river was, I sure as hell didn't get any good pictures. Blame it on the sun, blame it on your glass, blame your ISO. I blame the fact that I was really just walking to a deserted stretch so I could get naked in nature.
Aka away from these scragglers.
Some iron in there.
Black moss on the rocks: Cool name for a weird new-wave cocktail or what you see in front of you?