Sometimes I'm not really, what's the opposite of ashamed? Sometimes I'm not really proud of certain things, and now is one of those times. It's a beautiful day outside, but I'm watching the World Series of poker on espn2. They're down to the final table, and I just want to say, this is amazing television. Every dude at the table has his own contingent of fans in the audience, and they're catching cards and every body is going insane! Dudes are screaming in the audience, dog is chewing on a tennis ball, and I'm googling what the different kinds of whiskey are all about. Lately I've been into rye, but that's only partly because of Don Draper (proud Rye appreciator), but Rye has got to be the most underground of whiskeys, right? Scotch is scotch, and it's the best, but it's kind of a front-runner, right? Then Irish whiskey, which is obviously amazing, it's just amazing, but it's kind of really expensive to get a good one. Then bourbon-- bourbon is just too insane for me. The flavor is so intense! Canadian whiskey, I guess makes for good mixed drinks, but it's pretty whatever. I'm not even going to mention Jack Daniels, which is basically the hells angel circa 2006 of liquor: Washed up and lame. Am I missing any? Oh yeah!! Rye!! No one knows anything about RYE. I don't know, that's sort of a stupid reason to like anything, but whatever. No one said I was the Einstein of having good ideas or being cool or anything. I ain't Don Draper!

Some pics from Sauvie Island, 2009. Hey, I thought my cool old camera was totally broken, but it turns out I had just put the batteries in backwards! I took it to a repair place and lets just say I left sheepishly, though appreciative.

Oh also, speaking of great tv on ESPN2, yesterday I saw the final game of the college softball world series (if that's what it is indeed called), and that was just riveting. They were showing the parents, and they were nervous wrecks, and everyone was crying-- it was amazing. Washington Huskies won it. WHATUP DAWGS. B. Roy-- you my boyee.

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