why take this for granted?

Smith Rock, Oregon, 2009Hey Internet community! Today I realized that while I've been sick of everything lately and really wanting some serious change in my life (cough job cough), there are plenty of awesome things in my life that I really need to not take for granted any more:
  • I can buy Bridgetown beer everywhere. If you haven't had the blue heron pale ale, you don't know what I'm really talking about, but this stuff is the best. Now I'm trying their "haymaker" extra pale ale. I poured some in a glass, and it's really pale, and really amazing. You know what, Andrew Chen, when he came up for our wedding, was like, just supply a sixer of the blue heron for the reception. And I said, you know what, let's make that one of the two official beers of the wedding. Let's make the other official beer budweiser 12oz. cans, because those are so classic. So that's what we did.
  • Also, I'm on my front porch, which I've sort of re-discovered since our ex-roommie moved out. Good place for blogging, incidentally! Thanks awesome apartment!
  • P dogg takes really good care of me
  • Got the old health, can't forget that
  • My friends are awesome and I feel 100% comfortable with them, which isn't totally precedented. There have been times in my life when I had awful abusive friends, then other times I had weird friends that I just couldn't relate to. SUP FRIENDS YOU ARE AWESOME!
Smith Rock, Oregon, 2009These are from Smith Rock, Central Oregon. Or, as Keith Moon would have said, Smiff Rock.
Smith Rock, Oregon, 2009
Smith Rock, Oregon, 2009
Smith Rock, Oregon, 2009I thought that when I took these my camera was totally broken (it is now, unfortunately), but it looks like they came out okay! Oh, I forgot something I shouldn't take for granted! Dog is awesome and so is my family and I can jet down there in half an hour and holler at them.

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