Once when I was younger than I am now, I was fishing some headphones out of a bag. I was pulling on the cord pretty hard I guess, trying to get them dis-lodged from the recesses of the bag.
My mom, seeing the folly, said "that's really hard on those." And instead of taking her well intentioned and totally prudent advice, I dickishly said, "what do you know?" After all, she was older and therefore less savvy about such matters. But really, what did I know, other than how to be a little dickish prick. So sorry Mom! Both for being such a brat at times when I was younger and for the blue language here, now that I'm older. I've lived my whole life with busted headphones, all because I had little brattish tendencies growing up. Well, that and other reasons, I guess. Anyhow, TOILET MOUTH!

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