Taking pictures is so fun when you're on an adventure. Sometimes I sort of wish I could have it both ways though: have the pictures but don't lug anything around or put your eye on some stupid black cup attached to some weird machinery. I'd probably pull more somersaults if I wasn't taking pictures. Also, you can't swim across a river with a light meter in your pocket. Well, not any light meters or pockets that I know of. Or rivers. But basically adventures is all I've been taking pictures of lately. Sort of a catch 22, but it's really just more a pain in my ass, in a weird way. It's weird how things pleasure us, and in what ways. Anyhow, maybe I'll just start doing still lifes in my man room and stop taking adventure pictures. Or maybe just look into only using my pocket pointer. Or looking into a pocket pointer that would be my dream camera: 120mm, manual control but automatic option, fast fixed lenses, and good strong contrast. I was wondering today why I even use 35mm. Just because it's there was the reason. There's nothing especially appealing about it. It's film, it's cheap film, I have good cameras and lenses for it. Those are the only reasons. In a perfect world I'd have a pocketable camera that produced 6x6 images on a lens equivalent to maybe 35 or 28mm, no, the ideal would be interchangable lenses like all lengths that all opened up to f1.4, and zooms that stayed at f2.8 along all lengths, it'd be waterproof and you could take it underwater and use it as a hammer and there'd be a button you could press for dof preview and the speeds would be on a dial on top like the k1000. The flash would synch at all shutter speeds and it would have a built in ambient light meter. You could use 35mm film in it for epic panoramics or adjust the image size in the camera to make 6x7 or 6x4.5 images too.

Is that so much to ask?

Our BBQ was last night and it was so fun! Thanks to everyone that came out! Having parties is so fun.

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