Theirs and theirs and ours. We didn't have a boat; we hiked to the end. The people that boated out there were very soft in comparison.

P kicked me off the tv so I guess I'd blog one. I turned in three rolls this afternoon of the recent drift trip, which will probably be full of pics with the boating tag, and maybe a few with the tall-boy tag too. This trip was always when we could chug as much soda as we wanted, smores, candy puke followed by red vines, and not having to take a bath. It was the biggest deal when we were young. The trip is a lot less annual now, it seems, but it hasn't changed much otherwise. We traded in pepsi and candy for beer and cigars, plus we're much more imaginative with our curse words now. There's only one rule: there are no rules. There is one addendum to the rule, but that addendum really changes around a lot. One other rule is that there are no females allowed. P was pissed! But the rules exist, and you know what they say about stuff that exists!