jonny's first draft

I'm watchin the nba draft live on espn with a luke-cold sixer and my tripod set.


4:47-- Is Dunleavey the dumbest dude ever?
Pick two: biggest bust ever. They're just doing a blooper reel after they got done doing his blocked shot montage.

pretty fly suit and tie combo though. It'd be hard to buy a suit as a 7'3" bean pole. Imagine a 7'3" bowling ball though. That'd be even harder. I love Africans in the NBA. It's such a great success and just so wonderful.

Pick Three: should have taken Rubio. They get the baby bow tie boy! At least he's wearing a suit with no t-shirt. (snicker)
I had a feeling someone would have taken this dude too early. He says "work hard" just like B Roy-- he's letting the comparisons dictate his diction. Think of how fun the Thunder would have been with Rubio! Who's picking 4th? The Kings? Rubio doesn't get by them I don't think. But BLEH.

Pick 4: wtf is Tyreke Evans?
So far I think Grifin's suit was the worst. This one is straight bangin. No one will ever hear from this dude ever again. Who's he going to dish to? Kevin Martin so he can dribble for 15 seconds and hoist a contested jumper?

Ah, at 5:03 I realized I hadn't been doing the times, which I think a lot of live-bloggers do. I really don't like Tyreke Evans' voice.

Ha ha Minnesota up here to go 5th and 6th. How will they screw this up? Well, they got rid of Mike Miller so they can't screw it up too badly. Mike Miller: worst dude in the NBA?

Wow, Rubio is surprisingly gawky and awkward. He seems like a 15 year old pubescent weirdo and his voice is so crazy. The Spanish accent is really... I'm not sure I like it.
His suit sort of fit oddly but his highlight reel was the most entertaining fo sho.
Jeff Van Gundy is so great.

Whoops Minnesota you picked a 5'11" guard. Whoops whoops whoops. I hate how they put the hats on. They're just so terrible. I kind of like Johhny Flynn's voice. He seems like a pretty good dude. Aside from the insane napoleon complex, obviously. Again, a very nice suit shirt tie combo.

For the Warriors at 7: Stephen Curry. I'm down. I like this kid. I hope he does well but something seems weird, I heard that GS promised Moped Ellis that they wouldn't draft a PG. Curry's too small to be a SG, right? Also, I feel for him going into Nellie's system. He's like a delerious old man. Also, Knick fans, maybe don't boo the kid you wanted when he goes before your pick. Maybe a nice golf clap would have been appropriate.

With the 8th pick, the knicks select: Andrew Chen!
Dang the chen, your enunciation is really slipping. On the plus side, you seem like way more of a thug now.

Huh, he seems to seriously over-lap with David Lee. I guess you never know when D'Antoni is at the helm. Also, is there never going to be a commercial break? I have to piss like nobodies business.
Also, Knicks fans: worse than Lakers fans?

I like the way this kid looks. His face looks tight. He could have been cast on the Wire, but he speaks too slowly. However, his moms has lupus, so I can't be hatin. Also, DeRozan probably won't be taking the bus. I think the whatever pick gets enough for at least a Tercell. This is so tiring. I think I'm going to post less maybe until the Blazers get going.
WTF? Dude's not in the house? Dang, I was banking he'd be sporting the most amazing Italian suit. Also, did he rock a flat-top in Europe? Straight playa. Oh dang, no one told him they'd draft him. What a heart-breaker. wait, what a baby! Man up jennings. I thought you were over there playing with MEN.
doesn't this set look weird? Technicolor insanity.
worst suit let, tied with Griffin. Your shirt should be lighter than your jacket. I think that should be a rule that no one ever breaks. So this Forward goes to NJ to play with Lee from Orlando, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris (covet him), and who else? Yi? Herrrmmm. Hows that 2010 strategery going, New Jersey?
at least this kid cared enough to be there. I can't believe Jennings would have been such a baby. One strike Jennings. At least you already have 1 ball for not going to college. Maybe that's actually worth.... two balls.

Now the Bobcats pick some Duke Alumn. If you went to Duke are you a Dukie? Does Michael Jordan just watch a few games in the ncaa tourney for his scouting? (Joke stolen from somewhere on ESPN.com today, probably Hollinger's chat) So if I'm stealing their jokes and stealing their footage, I should like, watch my back, right?
Here I am on TV! (that'll throw them off my scent, right?)

I told the person who sold me the suit, and he was just like "don't move your arm like that." I wanted one that would fit me like a glove. I guess they don't make those jackets for only 200$. I tried on a $3500 one and it fit like a wet-suit.

Indiana's up! Dang! They took Hansborough. Front court is Jeff Foster, that tight south-paw, what's his name? He was so sick! I can't remember his name. TROY MURPHY.
Now Hansborough. All white team. Booo

oh Larry Bird picked this dude? Racist front line-- whites only. I like Murphy, but only for fantasy basketball purposes. All kidding aside, dude scored more in NCAA than anyone of all time. Back in the day, everyone went to school for 4 years too, so it's just pretty intense. You go Larry Bird! Way to not pick Ty Lawson. You picked the wrong tar-heel.

You know, Phoenix should take Lawson to back.... Oh, they took Earl Clark. Is that that tall guy? The weird one who could be like Lamar Odom? Yup. Well, here's hoping that works. Everyone just wants to see Phoenix succeed. I'd like to see what Amar'e could do with a season as the top dog again.

Oh snap, Jennings came out the Stern door! I really like the way Jennings is holding himself in the interview. Way to go Jennings. You just hit that out the infield.

I think the battery died on the camera. Austin Daye to the Pistons: I really dislike the V neck sweater under the grey suit. Boo. Austin Daye: 14th man for life! Alright, this was the biggest post ever. I gotta cook some dinner. We out the lottery anyhow.

UPDATE: ha ha ha The Wolves just drafted their third point guard of the night. A trade in the works? Ooh, Ty Lawson to the Nuggets? Hmm, he'll do well under Chauncey, probably better than that beetlejuice fellow that was there previously. I hope. It's got to be tough to be a rookie on a deep ass playoff team like the Nuggs. They should have traded that short fellow for something more attractive. Meh. I ain't no GM.
Man, doing the live blog sucks. I don't know how to do it.

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