float trip or drift trip, don't trip on semantics

I had 16 minutes remaining on the battery-- I think I could pound out multiple posts in that time, incidentally. I won't but I could. Here's some shots from the first legs of the float trip. Mike trying a cigar, seeing how it fits on him.
Scort and Cousin Brady with a small bottle of liquor: Seeing how it tastes. I had never had Southern Comfort before this. Scott pocketed that little thing early on. It tastes like more liquidy jagermeister. Less thick Jager basically. I know why I'd never had it before: if it was good enough to kill Janis I wouldn't even want to joke about rock and roll suicides. I also thought it was funny how they were wearing life vests. Like they were wearing the vests in the rafts but not in the big boats. I can understand if we were still 10, but that was just nonsensical. I guess some traditions are built to last.
Intricate tree forts.
Anytime you get one of these crew boats you know you're going to be hauling ass. With one oar in you also know you're going to be turning. I wonder if this is a rare shot? One oar in? Also, the battery indicator is telling me to save! Go google go!
Wow that raft is really weirdly out of focus. Did the 135 tilt and or shift? stay tuned for further details, I guess.

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