we did the longest portage. Longer than this? Basically.
Portaging is so hard. You'll be pulling and pulling and it's just so tiring. We were doing it barefoot because there was that kind of grass that just destroys your socks, and then we started walking and those little hitchhikers just burrowed into the bottom of the feet so we put the shoes back on. After a long portage rowing feels so easy. And after a lot of paddling a nice portage seems sort of easy. It was a really exhausting adventurous day.
If you get bored you can just chase a cow.
They never did touch any cows.


Kea said...

This looks hard. I hope you guys had snacks.

Don Aquilino said...

Lettin your crew slug it out in the heat dragging a boat overland while you get it on film.... Herzog would be proud.