clam dip, file under recipe

I've made some clam dip and it is delicious. Ann!! make this for your southern party! Ok, one pint of cottage cheese. Maybe a half of a cream cheese... thing? What does cream cheese come in? Half of one of those little blocks. You can use the other half for some bagels. Anyhow, then they also have canned clams at the grocery store, so get two of those. They're not that big of cans, like tuna sized. Not the fish, the can. Get it? Minced clams are best I think. You drain the clams but you can use a little of the juice if you're feeling randy (I often do). Then you add a ton of black pepper, maybe a little salt if that's how you roll, and worchester sauce. We didn't have any worchester sauce, and I looked at what it is at the grocery store. It's basically vinegar and molasses, but we didn't have any molasses either, so I just used a little maple syrup. I also used a splash of balsamic vinegar. Mix all that up. It should look mostly like cottage cheese when you're done. Dip Ruffles or wheat thins in this dip, and it's amazing.


Skunkbay said...

Your grandmother Voves has been making this for 60 years. Slightly different recipe. Talk to her.

wifey said...

John's bringing it into the future