cotes du rhone

one time Jake said that Sauvie Island looked like the French country-side. On this day, Dog almost drowned from swimming a mile and a half or more from fetching the sticks. A lot of us humans went swimming too! We also canoed to Washington, played soccer on the beach, and hiked to and from the light-house. It was a heavy duty day at the beach! I was sore for like 3 days! That was probably from the soccer or hiking on the trail with no shoes on. The ground was smooth and path-like, but it was really hard. I wouldn't have thought that the old school vans would have offered much cushion or support, but it turns out they sort of do.
These pics are from the hike part. I broke off the back eventually because we were hiking sort of in a single file line and I couldn't properly bro down and p and Katie were talking about like waxing and mascara.
"and then you put the mascara on the wax and heat it up and apply it and then you use the lipstick on the outer area and then you use face soap on your arms and you pluck your eyebrows and did you see last week's hitched or ditched?" You can see why I fell off the back of the pack eventually. My characterization of a pair of womens' conversation is off the hook!


Anonymous said...

It makes me sad I am never invited to go on these adventures :(

John said...

take the bull by the horns